The Core of KOR

KOR is an elemental expression of the word “core,” which refers to the central, innermost, or most essential part.
 Every person has core values, a core personality and core aspirations. Some understand their core; others search for their core. To us, water is at the core of physical life.

The KOR logo both resembles a water drop and is inspired by the Chinese concept of yin?yang, which describes two opposing, yet complementary aspects of any phenomenon. The green and blue sides of the KOR water drop join to represent the dualistic relationship and balance of earth and water.

You might notice that the KOR logo’s green and blue arms reach upward to close the water drop, but don't quite touch. The gap acknowledges the constant divide between our goals and achievements. Once you're on the path to “being green,” you find there’s always something more you could do – and in the eyes of some, you’re never doing quite enough. That’s OK. Finding balance – in ourselves and in the environment – is a continuous process that never truly ends. It only matters that you’re on your way.


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