Kor Stones


KOR Hydration Vessels are more than simple water bottles. They are a reminder of what motivates you. Designed into the cap of our KOR ONE and KOR Delta Hydration Vessels is a place for your KOR Stone™ — a disc-shaped token with a message that provides a little bit of inspiration each time you drink.

What Stones™ are included in the KOR ONE and Delta?

Every KOR ONE and KOR Delta ships with two KOR Stones™ in the cap of the vessel, including "Imagine" and “Be the Change.” You can shop for more KOR Stones™ at our website here.

How do I change them?

Simply lift the colored cap insert, select your Stone™, place it face down and replace cap. Then get inspired!

What are they made of?

KOR Stones™ are literally printed on stones — FiberStone® paper, to be exact. This material is tree-free, water-proof, and fully recyclable. To learn more, visit www.getfiberstone.com.


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